Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Blight Has Struck

Everyone here in the Bungalow has been sick in the last two weeks. It is the dreaded flu...and a very potent version of it as well. My daughter is the last to succumb, and she has had it the worst of all. After just three days, she has a "really nasty nasal infection" according to her physician. I so look forward to it being gone, gone, gone.

Let us get on now to more pleasant topics. I finished the February portion of the Lizzie Kate Christmas Double Flip-Its. I changed the pink color in the stocking to a gold one so that the finished picture will better match my Christmas decor. This continues to be an easy, enjoyable stitch, which is a good thing because I stitched it while still feeling quite under the weather.

I also started work on the next pattern in my LHN Dear Diary Sampler. This is the section for Emmaline Whitcomb in Santa Clara. I can't wait to stitch the house.

Well, everyone keep well. I would rather have a visit from the dreaded frog than this horrid little bug. If everyone keeps healthy, I should be back to the HAED SAL next Friday. I will also be getting back to checking up on everybody's blogs.