Saturday, December 1, 2007

Petite Maisons - July

I barely made my personal goal of finishing thru the month of July on Petite Maisons de Campagne in November. I put in the last stitch about 10:00 last night. I find that it is not as enjoyable to stitch something out-of-season. I want to be stitching winter samplers and ornaments with snowmen and snow-covered pine trees, not beach scenes with lawn chairs and sailboats. Ah well, it is done. Note to self: do not let yourself get behind on a calendar SAL.

But now I can get on with some other stitching. I was looking through my collection of Just Cross Stitch Special Ornament magazines and picked a couple that I want to make. Both have a formidable specialty thread list for such a tiny project. One, Decorating the House by Brightneedle, uses Old Willow Stitchery threads and Weeks Dye Works while the other, Starry, Starry Night by JBW, uses Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. I have most of the GAST, but I don't have Old Willow or WDW. I will probably try to substitute some DMC and GAST...I just don't want to buy 10 skeins of specialty hand-dyed to make one ornament. Especially as the stitched area is tiny, no more than 10 stitches of a color...not enough to take advantage of the shading created by the hand-dyed threads.

I am also going to start stitching for my Fair and Square exchange. This is my very first exchange! I got the fabric yesterday.... I studied my partner's likes and dislikes... I have picked out a pattern... I am ready to start.

Well, I hear my family beginning to stir, so now I am off to make breakfast. Merry stitching everyone and may your December be wonderful!


Sally said...

Your July Petite Maisons looks lovely.

I am desperate to stitch some ornaments for this year but I can't see it happening somehow! Still some gift stitching to do and my Chatelaine Christmas Mystery to finish yet! Lol!

Ranae said...

July looks terrific. I can stitch any season, though I try to stay ahead of season, dont happen, lol.

Hazel said...

Hi Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have really enjoyed browsing yours and there's some lovely wips going on. I like the french monthly houses, I think I have a link to the charts. Are they the free ones?? I will definitely pop back again. hugs,xx

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on sqeezing in those last stitches ;o) Your houses are looking so nice!

I can't wait to see what you stitch for your exchange :o)

Yuko said...

You are trying to stitch this SAL, too?
I'm too, but it has been stopping and it will be UFO's, lol
But this is so lovely, isn't it?
December has came out, so I have just printed out, but don't know when it will be completed, lol
I'm looking forward to seeing your progress, instead of mine!

Lili said...

Yup, we stitchers are season activated. Xmas is the only thing I want to stitch right now. Lol!
I am also planning this Brightneedle stitching, and I have decided to use the threads I have too...

Ruth said...

Hey there! You Campagne Maison is to be applauded. I think I'll start on my in January.... maybe. Of course I have so many plans for 2008 it's obvious I need to win the lottery!

You're right on the overdyes -- nothing annoys me more than a pattern that wants me to use a $2-$6 skein of floss/silk for less than a dozen stitches. I mean, let's get real here!

Have yourself a beautiful day!!!

soleil said...

Je reconnais les petites maisons de Maryse...Moi aussi je les brode en ce moment...Soleil