Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Project

Last spring, in 2008, I posted about wanting to start Strawberry Fields Farm, a design by Victoria Sampler.

I decided to purchase the thread package from Vikki Clayton's Hand-Dyed Fibers website. Although I love her silk thread and it is a joy to stitch with, I was not happy with a few of the color conversions, and this had kept me from starting this design. It is hard for me to match colors from pictures on a website, so I finally decided to just replace the colors that I didn't like with threads from my stash. So, after a couple of missteps here and there, I have finally arrived at my own unique conversion for this design. It is mostly HDF silk, but with about 4 GAST threads as well.

So, here is my start on Strawberry Fields Farm. I stitched my first Queen Stitches on this section as well. They were not as hard as I had been led to believe, which leaves me with the uneasy feeling that perhaps I did not do them right.

Also, I also received this blog award from Lynn this week. Thank you so very much! I am supposed to list 5 different addictions, so here it goes:

1. Stitching

2. Coffee (McDonalds and Dunkin' Donuts being preferred)

3. 24 (the television show with Kiefer Sutherland)

4. Internet (stitching forums and blogs; news sites as well)

5. Baking (bread, cakes, cookies, muffins...)

I'll pass this award on to the following enjoyable blogs:

Kendra at the Stitching Hour
Stephanie at Stephanie's Stitching and Musings
Cathy at No Sampler Left Behind
Debby at The Stitching Wizard
Stephanie at In Stitches

It has been a long time since my last post, and the main reason behind this is we have been experiencing internet connection problems. It seems to be intermittent. Sometimes we can connect and be on 30 minutes or so before it disconnects and freezes, but other times we can't even get it to connect at all. My husband has been working at it, downloading updates and such, and it has improved, but it is still not as it should be. I am ready to get another service provider (being as this is an addiction and all). But anyway, it stayed up long enough for me to make this post :-)

Enjoy your stitching, one and all!


Siobhan said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! :) I love your new start. I've had the same problems with conversions (but love the thread quality) and am never brave enough to change to a new color. Kudos to you! And for surviving the queen stitch! It isn't as hard as people say, but I'm in the same boat--worrying that maybe I am not doing it correctly!! LOL

Stephanie said...

Oh, I'm delighted that you nominated me - I'll post that very soon, this weekend perhaps!

I know what you mean about Vikki Clayton silks - I haven't bought any recently, but I found that they were quite dark and that I didn't always like the colour conversion.

I'm sure you have done the queen stitch properly - let's say, it looks great, and therefore you have :)

Vonna said...

A wonderful start! Love this pattern too :)
Like your blog background and header too ;)

Stephanie said...

Laura, so glad to hear from you! I was getting worried thinking you'd gotten sick with "the crud" floating around town. ISPs can be such fun to work with! (Not!)

Love your new start. Aren't new specialty stitches fun to learn and master? I say if it looks good to you, then you did it correctly! My philosophy is that hardly anyone except another stitcher will notice if it's not done correctly. LOL

Thank you for the award! I'll have to snag it and post it in the next day or so. Take care and I'm glad you survived the ice storm.

Beatrice said...

Oh that is a very pretty Sample.
Your start is wonderful.
Loved reading about your addictions.Thanks for sharing.

Brigitte said...

The sampler you started is lovely. And you made a good start on it. Enjoy stitching it.

Cindy F. said...

Laura, Your color conversions look great and I'm sure you've stitched it correctly.
Congrats on your award!!
Seems like a lot of us are having computer problems:(

Sally said...

I love your new start Laura. It's looking so pretty and the colours are beautiful.

Suzanne said...

This is a great design and a lovely start. I found that some of the specialty stitches can be quite easy once you actually do them, but there are some that I still can't quite get the hang of.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh that's a lovely new start!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous! It could be the stitches weren't as hard because you did do them right. :) Always look at the positive.

Wendy said...

Great start on this wonderful design! I love VS but the cost of the thread packs are huge. That's good to know that Viki Clayton offers conversions.

Kendra said...

Thanks for the award! I'm just now getting back online after a massive ice storm so I just found out you'd mentioned me. I'll be sure to pass it on soon!

Beatrice said...

That is a pretty piece, you will enjoy that no doubt.

Carolien said...

Hello Laura,

I am glad the computer is working again. I love your sampler! It's gorgeous. I think some colour changes make it a real personal sampler, don't you think? Good luck with it!

Greetings, Carolien

Von said...

I love this sampler! Can't wait to see your progress. Don't worry about your queen stitches, I'm sure they're great. They're not really hard, just a little time consuming. :D

Kathy A. said...

That is such a lovely piece. I look forward to your progress.

Kajsa said...

That's a lovely start you have there. Cant wait to see more!

Lynn said...

This will be such a pretty stitch. I love the Victoria Sampler pieces but I've not tried many specialty stitches yet and I'm always afraid to tackle any. Sooner or later I'll give it a go.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.