Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Petite Maisons - June

I am finally making some progress on Petite Maisons. Today I finished the June square. I modified the tiny bird on top of the apple tree a bit. The bird is composed of 415 and 840, and neither showed up well against the fabric, so I backstitched him with one strand of 435. I really like the house in this month and the little blue shed with the roses climbing up it, but the bushes under the apple tree are just a little...well...odd.

Here is a better picture (amazing what a little ironing can do) of the whole project so far. Six down and six to go. I hope to finish July this month also.

And here is how far I progressed on Fairy Village during this last weekend's SAL. Not a whole lot, partly because I had very little stitching time this weekend, and partly because this tree is extremely detailed and I am already tired of stitching it. When I get to the next column, it should go a little faster because there are fewer colors and a little fairy house which should make it more interesting to stitch.

Happy stitching everyone!


Ranae said...

Everything looks fabulous.
That birding field trip sure sounds fun.
We feed and watch the birds year round from our huge back window looking out to woods and a creek, perfect for the lil birdies. Everyone once in awhile I post pic's
That's one huge web, how big were the spiders? and there must have been alot.
Gives me the chills just thinking about it, lol.

Glenna said...

Petite Maisons is just lovely, and its such a treat to see the French designs. The HAED is gorgeous too, although it gives me a headache to think just how many stitches it will take. I love it when people say that their HAED project takes, say, 110,000 stitches and so far they've done about 4,000!

Janine said...

Oh wow your stitching is gorgeous.

Ruth said...

I love how your houses are coming.... damn, yet another new thing I want to start. lol

BTW, I'm with you -- those shrubs under the June tree are weird. Every time I see them I think of open-ended corn cribs or overlarge pitchforks. I'll have to do something about those. I wonder if they are supposed to be berry vines on trellises?

Mindi said...

I just found you blog from a comment you left on Ruth's blog (The Musing Badger). I love these little monthly houses you've done. I have the patterns saved to my computer for a future project.

Your HAED stitching is gorgeous. I tried doing one, but just didn't have the patience for it. Anyone that does a HAED has my utmost respect.