Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Google Images Search

I saw this on Melissa's blog and decided to join in the fun. You are supposed to answer the questions, type your answers into Google Images Search, and post a photo from the first results page. You will get some interesting choices...

If you decide to play along also, please leave a message so I can come and see yours.

So, without further ado, here are mine:

What age will you be on your next birthday?

Place you would like to visit?

One of your favorite places?
Your favorite object?

Your favorite food?

Your favorite animal?

Your favorite color?

Name of a past pet?
Where you live?

1st grade teacher's last name?

Your middle name?
A bad habit of yours?

Favorite flower?

Favorite holiday?


Melissa said...

Wasn't it fun, yet very interesting to see what would turn up in the searches? LOL Thanks for playing along. :-)

Pumpkin said...

I saw this before and thought it was really neat! You've got some interesting pictures there :o)

Ranae said...

That looks fun. I will try it when I get more time.