Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rebecca Small Finish

Well, I have to tell you that this week has been one where I would rather stitch than blog. With two new projects and several older ones demanding my attention, it hard to pull myself away from the needle. I worked mainly on my two newest projects, the Dear Diary Sampler SAL and Sampler Saisons which I am doing with a sampler SAL on the HAED forum. I have found that SALs are a wonderful way to keep myself motivated, and blogging as well.

Here is the progress that I made on Dear Diary. I have finished the small sampler for Rebecca Small. I believe that I shall stitch one of the virtue squares above this one before moving on to another of the small samplers. This is so much fun to stitch, and it so cute IRL. Somehow I don't think the camera quite captures its essence.

My other main stitching project this last week has been Sampler Saisons 2007 by Anagram Diffusion. I am stitching this one over one on 28 count Sugared Coffee Lugana from Sassy's fabrics with Vikki Clayton silk in Woad Blue 2411. This is my first purchase of Sassy's Fabric which I decided to try after reading Vonna's glowing review on her blog. It totally lives up to her review. It has certainly become my favorite for evenweaves, and I am sure that I'll be trying her linen soon. The Sugared Coffee color is lovely, my ideal sampler color. This is also my first time to use Vikki's silks and I am extremely happy with them also.

Anyhow, here is my WIP on Saisons. I am eager to stitch some of the little design figures, but I am trying to get a good section of border completed first...borders are kind of a little obsessive compulsive thing with me.
I have also been stitching on Petite Maisons, but I have decided to wait until I finish the August square before I post a picture. The August square is very cute, and possibly my favorite so far, but I am finding it hard to pull myself off these other two to work on it. I am determined, however, to finish this one this year. And finally, like everyone else, I am eagerly awaiting the Nashville releases. I am particularly hoping to catch a glimpse of CHS Shores. I was surprised to see that Vikki Clayton silks already has a conversion pack for the threads available.
Well that is all, now I must rush back to my needle.


Kathy A. said...

Very nice finish on Rebecca Small. I admire your "stick-to-it-ness"

Beatrice said...

Wow that border is amazing. Over one..I have only done it over 20ct.
my JBW Christmas.
Rebecca is lovely!

Cheryl said...

I cant believe you have finished Rebecca Small already! That is great progress! It is really lovely. I didnt get a chance to work on DD this week as i was trying to finish of a Round Robin. Will be back to it this week for sure!

Ranae said...

Rebecca Small is fabulous.
Good Luck with the one over one. It will look great.

Pumpkin said...

Sigh! I know I'm going to be SO jealous once I see this whole sampler LHN project done. What am I saying...I'm jealous already because it looks fabulous! LOL!

I'm really liking this new project you started. Sassy's Sugared Coffee is gorgeous and a favorite of mine. You won't be disappointed with the linen version :o)

Sally said...

Rebecca Small is lovely Laura and your progress on Saisons is brilliant.

Hazel said...

Wow great finish and the border looks fab. xx

Michelle said...

Great start on Saisons, and Rebecca Small is beautiful!

tkdchick said...

Congrats on your little finish, its cute!

Wow that blue is just awesome!!! I can't wait to watch your progress on that one!

Lynn said...

Thanks so much Laura for stopping by my blog. I love meet new stitching bloggers! I have been hearing of the Dear Diary Sampler on Cheryl's blog but didn't know that you were involved as well. You've made fantastic progress! Rebecca is just lovely.
I love using the Vikki Clayton silks as well. I think they're my favourites now. I'm addicted!

Kajsa said...

You start on Saisons look great, that blue color is beautiful!