Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blue Jeans and Daisies Mystery Sampler

I just couldn't resist this new mystery sampler series by Blue Ribbon Designs.  It is called Blue Jeans and Daisies and it will be released in three parts.  It is being stitched on 30 ct. Blue Jeans linen by Weeks Dye Works, and this is the first time that I have stitched on WDW linen.  I really like the color, very much like stonewashed denim and it has a very nice feel to it as well.  It is fun to be working with spring colors, and I can tell that this is going to be a fun stitch.

I plan to get back on track, though, and stitch on another WIP now that has people in it for this month's Theme-a-licious.  I have so many with people in them, it is difficult to choose.  I think that I might go with Mill Hill's Greenland Santa as I feel like working with a few beads.

On another front, we had some drama at the vet office with our new puppy, Rex.  Rex had a set of puppy vaccinations at the end of last week, and while we were driving home, one eye started swelling up.  It quickly escalated and was swollen nearly shut, and then the other eye started swelling.  I turned around and headed back to the vet office, and by the time we got there, his whole face had swollen.  He looked like a Sharpei puppy.  Here is how he looks normally.

And this picture was taken about 3 to 4 hours after he had Benadryl and a steroid shot to counteract his allergic reaction to the vaccinations.  It pretty much took about 12 hours for the swelling to go down completely.  

Our vet has told us that from now on, for the rest of his doggy life, we will have to give him Benadryl and a steroid shot before he is vaccinated.

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SoCal Debbie said...

Hi Laura, You've made a great start on your Blue Jeans & Daisies piece. So sorry about the scare with your puppy but thank goodness you got back to the vet quickly.

I always reply to comments on my blog but your email keeps coming back with Failure Notice. It's the same email address on your Blogger profile, too.