Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saturday Night Stitching

On Saturday night, I participated in a Saturday Night Stitch Along with some other stitchers from a forum that I joined. You can stitch on anything you want, so I decided to pull out an old UFO and try to bring it back to life. This project is contained in three different pattern books by Cricket Collection. I have already completed 1st Story, and am almost done with 2nd story since I am skipping the floor with the Christmas tree (I think I do want to finish this in my lifetime...LOL). And the last pattern which I haven't begun yet is the third floor. It has a room where they make dolls and stuffed animals and the attic room where the Elf Secretary reads the letters to Santa. So here is my before-SAL photo:

While stitching, I rediscovered why this project became a UFO in the first place. I really don't like the fabric. It is very slick or slippery and it refuses to be held taut by either my Q-Snaps or even my hoop. I persevered though, and got the elf's head done and some of the wall on the left side. I will continue stitching it on Saturday nights, and I think I am going to try placing a piece of felt between the fabric and the PVC pieces in my Q-Snaps to help with tension issues. Even so, it is a fun piece to stitch.

Here are some more international blog sightings that I enjoyed recently:

Plaisirs d'aiguille Marie-Christine finished Fees de Noel by A Mon Ami Pierre.
Mausimom's She finished the adorable Two-by-Two and Santa Too by Homespun Elegance. I think that I am going to have to get this pattern.
Purr-Stitch Dolci finished the festive Christmas Elf by Mirabilia on a fabric that I really like by Silkweaver.

Happy Stitching!


Mel in Dubai said...

I like my fabric nice and tight in my Q-snaps too and have been using felt between the clamps for a while now. Works a treat :)

Nice progress by the way :)

staci said...

You are making great progress! It's really cute!

Ranae said...

Oh! I have never seen anyone stitch this before. I always admire it at the LNS. everytime I pick them up and then before I leave I put them down ???? I don't know why, silly me!
This will be fun to watch.

Petra said...

I think felt will do the trick! I use it plenty of times when I need that extra tightness.
I love your progress on this piece...it's a beautiful piece. I had a peek at your LHN Dear Diary WIP and *WOW* it's stunning!

Cindy F. said...

Laura, I just found your site and I really like it here! I love your stitchings and really love your Christmas pieces! I'm so sorry to read about your pretty mother passing recently. Such a long time for her to have suffered. I know she was very appreciative of your caretaking and love. I wish for you many happier days ahead:)
Cindy F./TX

Martine Jum's Blog said...

I like very much this stitch !! You have a very good idea to take back it !!
I hope you understand my english -